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Throughout the season we offer discounts, people who receive our email have the secret pass phrase to get our berries at a discount. You can now sign up for our mailing list here and on the left side of every page on our website, we’ll be glad to have you on our mailing list and give you same discounts. Discounts are available on any qualifying Farmers Market or Berry Farm Store purchase.

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Photo from the store

We still have plenty of great blueberries to share with everyone, stop by and get some for your smoothies or desert, or snacks. Maybe your table can start to look like ours!

Blueberry muffins, blueberry pies, cobblers and jams any way to get your servings of fresh fruit and berries.


Fresno Bee (Our Recipe is Shared!)


In the following article, carried by the Fresno Bee on May 26th highlights our recipe for “Berry Lady’s Fruit Pizza” if you don’t know what to do with this years bountiful crop of berries, due to the mild winter we would suggest perusing our recipes to see how to make additional wonderful treats.

Blueberry the size of grapes

The blueberries are huge and sweet this year! Don’t miss out.


Upcoming Showing on PBS Valley’s Gold


We’re excited to announce that we will be featured on the PBS series “Valley’s Gold“, look for a link coming in our news section and another blog post about the release of the berry spotlight on Valley’s Gold.

In the great tradition of Huell Howser’s California’s Gold , PBS has started “Valley’s Gold” to explore the treasures of California’s Central Valley and we have been spotlighted as one of the treasures of California’s Central Valley. We can’t wait to share the spotlight with you as soon as it is released.

Opening early, come and see us soon!

Please make sure to give us a call to check on the amount of berries that are available for pickup, WE ARE OPENING EARLY!! As of today, Friday, May 2, 2014 out berry store is open, we are picking blueberries ripe and ready for your favorite fruit or dessert dishes.

Throughout the valley farmers markets are in full swing, starting next week on Wednesday your favorite Berry Lady will be attending farmers markets with our blueberries, more berries to come in the next few weeks. The weather here in California’s Central Valley has been good to our berry crop in spite of the sever drought that the entire state is suffering.

Discount; Next week at the Kaiser farmers market, Wednesday May 7, 2014 we will start our first discount campaign with the discount code of “Happy Mothers Day!”, this discount will give you $5 off on a full flat of berries.

Please note that the above discount campaign will only run through Mothers Day 2014.

Start of Berry Season (Hurray!!)

For those of you who have been waiting, wondering when you were going to have our berries back in your diet, the weather has been great to us and the blueberry crop is almost ripe and ready for the picking.

Starting Friday, May 10, 2014 blueberries will be available at the Berry Farm Store, if you are coming from out of town please feel free to give us a call at 559.897.0963 and help us ensure that your trip is “Fruitful”.


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2013 Season Comes to an End

This years berry season has come to an end. The farm store will re-open next year with a whole new crop of berries ready for canning, freezing, making Jam, and enjoying on salads and fruit salads.

Happy Fourth of July

Tomorrow, June 29, is the last day our Farm Store will be open! Berries are available in limited quantities so beat the heat and come in early and get plenty for your 4th of July celebration!

Bring this coupon and save
$3.00 off a flat of berries!

(Or say the phrase “Berry Cold”)
Offer Expires: June 30, 2013

Hot temps are coming so it’s time to FREEZE!


Stock up on your blueberries and blackberries while they’re in season. Berries can be frozen! Don’t wash them – simply put them in Ziploc bags! It is not necessary to first freeze them on trays. Who knew it was so easy?

Great news! We have a limited amount of boysenberries still available in the Farm Store!

$3.00 OFF
Expires June 29, 2013